Partially rehydrated apples


Italian fruit for the food industry

Using our dehydrated apples LM as a starting point, we have developed a full range of rehydrated ready-to-use products, suitable for purposes that require softer ingredients. In this case, not only the moisture level is customisable, but also dextrose addition (as anti-clumping agent).
Our partially rehydrated products are therefore available in two different versions:
– Partially rehydrated apples NM – Normal Moisture (standard)
– Partially rehydrated apples NMD2 (optional): the code represents the Normal Moisture level and the addition of dextrose (D2) as anti-clumping agent.


Best uses for our partially rehydrated Apples NM and NMD2

Our partially rehydrated apples NM and NMD2 – are recommended for the following purposes:
1. Bakery products, croissants, stuffed products
2. Ice cream
3. Pralines and chocolate tablets
4. Bars
5. Snacks
6. Fillings for pasta (both fresh and frozen)
7. Cheese


Key strenghts of our partially rehydrated Apples – NM and NMD2

– Soft texture before and after cooking
– Customisable moisture level
– Suitable for frozen products
– Ready to use


Dice 6 (< 8 mm) with/without skin
Dice 10 (< 12,5 mm) with/without skin
Dice 15 (< 15 mm) with/without skin
Dice 18/6 (< 6 mm)

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