VE.BA Products

All the quality of our products 100% made in Italy

Fruit and vegetables products for the food sector

VE.BA products are processed starting from first-quality fresh fruit, the largest part of which is coming from Emilia Romagna, our region. The fruits we use are the same you can find around here: Apples, Williams Pears, Peaches, Plums and Apricots. We transform them to deliver a full range of products designed and conceived for the food sector. From dehydrated to partially rehydrated, from powders to juice concentrates, from pastry mixes to Bio-Organic ingredients.
Our goal is to give an all-round support to our customers, providing them with wholesome and tasty products of the highest quality, not forgetting versatility and ease of use. More than a common supplier, VE.BA is a reliable partner that works side by side with its customers everyday.