Dehydrated Organic Plums

Dehydrated Organic Plums

Organic for food industry

Our Organic Plums are grown on the hills of the Adriatic ridgeline; thanks to its particular climate and proximity to the sea, this area is the perfect place to obtain top-quality Plums.

Once harvested, they are processed in VE.BA with a slow drying process that enhances thier natural and unique flavour.


Best usage of our Organic Plums

– Bakery products: cakes, strudel, danish party, croissants, ecc.
– Biscuits
– Breakfast cereals
– Bars
– Canned fruit
– Meat preparations
– Flavours


Key strengths of our Dehydrated Organic Plums

– 100% Fruit
– No colourings or flavourings
– Customisable moisture
– Steady quality
– Cut-sizes for all applications
– Easy to store and transport


– Whole fruit (available in various calibers)
– Dice 1/4″ (< 14 mm)
– Dice 1/8″ (< 8 mm)

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