F.I.S. – Fabbrica Italiana Specialità


Traditional Ferrara specialties

Cooperativa Ortofrutticola VE.BA. acquired brand F.I.S – Fabbrica Italiana Specialità in 2014.
Established in 1902, F.I.S. (at the time Fabbrica Italo-Svizzera, i.e Italian-Swiss Factory) has since then a special place in the cultural heritage of the city, with its chocolate-based traditional specialties.

Nowadays, F.I.S. is well known in particular for the Pampepato di Ferrara, a traditional specialty acknowledged PGI since 2015. A product that has a lot of history in it: it was invented by the Nuns of Corpus Domini cloistered convent and later on refined by a famous confectioner, becoming a permanent presence on our city’s tables, in particular during Christmas time.

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