2014 – Ve.Ba Acquires F.I.S

In 2014 Ve.Ba acquires and relaunches “F.I.S.” – an historical brand of Ferrara – particularly renowned for the Pampepato Ferrarese and other typical chocolate specialties.

2013 – New Sales Office

Our goal has always been to meet and respond the needs of a developing and interconnected market.

In 2013, we decided to invest in our potential with a new Sales Office Team, in order to give a punctual and reliable service to our present and future customers.

1994 – Aseptical Packaging Plant

In order to meet the needs of a more and more demanding market, we provided ourselves with an Aseptical Packaging Plant. This allowed us to widen our range with brand-new, top-quality and ready to use products.

1991 Bio-Organic Certification

VeBa obtained Bio-Organic certification in 1991, way before the demand for wholesome and healthy food boomed. Our multiannual experience in this field is a sure guarantee of quality and reliability of our products. The range includes Bio-Suisse products too.

1971 – Establishment

Cooperativa Ortofrutticola VE.BA. S.C. was established in 1971 by local fruit growers. The goal of the company became straight away to create quality products for multiple applications, from industries to small bakeries, processing our local fruits.