NM/D2 Apricots, Peaches, Williams Pears and Plums

NM means “Normal Moisture” - this definition is applicable to products partially rehydrated, with different moisture levels.

D2 means Dextrose (used as an anti-caking agent)


Available cut-sizes

Apricots, Peaches, Williams Pears, Plums

NM/D2 dice 1/4” (< 14 mm)10 kg/carton
NM/D2 dice 1/8” (< 8 mm)10 kg/carton



Applications for these products

All Ve.Ba. fruit varieties can also be specially processed as NM/D2 granules 3 (a chewy granulate of abt. 3 mm) with an average humidity of 15% ± 2% ) for chocolate applications.