Organic fruit products (Veba-bio)

Our organic dehydrated and aseptically packed fruit are both certified by Ecogruppo and Bio-Suisse (CH) and belong to
the “
VEBA-BIO” range.

Certification ECOCERT Biosuisse Organic

Available cut-sizes

Dehydrated Organic Apples

Dice 6x6 mm
and 10x10 mm
with and w/out skin
20 or 21 kg/carton
Dice 18/6 25 kg/carton
Semolina with and without powder 15 kg/carton
Powder S10B2 with and without skin 20 kg/carton
Apple slices 25 10 kg/carton

Dehydrated Organic Plums

Whole fruit packaging on request
Dices 1/4” and 1/8” CD 7 kg/carton

Organic Fruit Juice Concentrates

Apple juice concentrate 280 kg/plastic drums
Pear juice concentrate 280 kg/plastic drums