Clean energy

Renewable energy production (Biogas)

In order to minimise the CO2 emissions that we produce, replace energy derived from fossil fuels and therefore reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG), we have built our own Cogeneration Plant.

Wastewater derived from fruit processing is treated in the absence of oxygen in our Anaerobic Digester (brown line) and ends up producing biogas, a renewable energy source. The methane-rich biogas thus obtained (yellow line) feeds the Cogeneration plant’s micro-turbines, which produce both heat and electricity, which are then re-utilised for the fruit processing in the factory.

After undergoing an oxidation treatment where air passes through it, the final waste water exiting the anaerobic digestion (orange line) - which originate both from the initial fruit processing waste water and the water produced during the microbial reactions in the digestion system - is suitable to be released (blue line), since it matches the chemical and physical characteristics reported into Table “A” ref. DLgs 152/06 (according to 2006/118/EC Directive).